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Thinking you need to spice up your work-life? Keep the spark alive with these top tips

14 Feb 2017 by Kathryn Gallan

Work is like a romantic relationship.

At the start, you’re fired up by the chase and once you’ve been offered the job, it’s not uncommon to find yourself drifting off at your desk and thinking about the two of you together, your new future and everything about it that excites you.

In the early days, every day is new. You make the effort to look presentable all the time, you make sure you don’t keep them (the company) waiting and arrive early every day. This continues and wanting to make a good impression, you act on your best behaviour, full of enthusiasm in team meetings, you volunteer your help to colleagues and ask what else you can do to be of assistance.

A year down the line and things have changed. You no longer have that willingness to do anything to please the other, maybe you’re resentful because you’ve been taken advantage of, maybe you just stopped caring.

Before you start looking at other options, you should look at what you already have and instead of thinking about cheating on your employer, you should look at what you could do to keep the spark alive.

  1. Buy a new outfit
    Regardless of your company dress code, having something new to wear really does make you feel good about yourself, however we’d suggest limiting the PVC suit to weekends.
  2. Switch up the routine
    Trying something new can be a great way to make you feel invigorated about the repetition and what can seem like a monotonous stretch of Monday – Friday’s ahead of you. Whether it’s taking lunch somewhere different, sitting in a new seat if your company operates hot desking or maybe spend lunch with a different colleague for new and stimulating conversation.
  3. Try a new position
    If you’ve been there for years, why not try a new position with your existing employer, or one that allows you some flexibility to learn new skills.
  4. Be a Voyeur
    Watching how other people operate can be a great way to inject some vitality into the workplace. Sometimes the fault isn’t always with the other person, so emulating how a successful colleague you admire handles certain situations can be a great way to assess what’s lacking in your own career. Ask them about the career journey they’ve taken and learn from what they share with you.
  5. Have an open relationship
    Depending on what your employer does depends on whether you can pick up a side gig. Perhaps you could use your writing skills to set up your own side business as a blogger, or use your design skills to work for a voluntary organisation, perhaps your company’s CSR policy encourages you to help other organisations

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, why not look to the relationship that you’re already in, put in some extra effort and realise that you still like each other. 

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Kathryn Gallan
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