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Marketing, Digital & Communications Recruitment

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2nd City Resourcing recruits commercially aware marketing, digital and communications professionals.


Recruitment Review

Getting more from your recruitment 

If you've been recruiting for more than 6 weeks and still no closer to hiring, then our recruitment review will tackle the following frequent issues

  • A shortage of appropriate candidates to interview
  • Process putting candidates off
  • Candidates didn't live up to their CVs
  • Candidates preconceptions about your business
  • Competitors offering higher salaries or benefits packages
  • Candidates declining the offer or leaving shortly after starting

We'll work with you to determine an appropriate strategy for either attracting the right calibre of candidates or designing a selection process that allows you to evaluate skills better at interview.  If you're losing staff, we'll work with you to quickly determine the reasons why and adapt your recruitment process accordingly to give you improved results.  Alternatively, we can build you a long term recruitment strategy for talent management right through to outsourcing your recruitment function.

Over 99% of the candidates we place stay long term which proves that we're helping companies make better choices.

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